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beautiful girl with brow piercing

Piercing: The eyebrow piercing is primarily performed with a sixteen gauge hollow piercing needle, and may also include a hollow needle receiving tube, cork, and/or pair of Pennington forceps. Generally this is done from underneath the brow, through the flesh, and out through the area just above the brow bone.

Aftercare: The initial healing process averages about six to eight weeks, and aftercare may include gentle cleanses with antibacterial soap, sea salt soaks, and/or saline cleanses with cue tips to remove naturally occurring residue.  It may be up to a year before completely healed.

Jewelry: Eyebrow piercings are generally worn with a small curved barbell, but other jewelry such as ball captive rings, horseshoe rings, or short straight barbells may also be seen.  In horizontal eyebrow piercings (surface piercings), tygon or PTFE barbells or surface bars are most common.

 bright titanium eyebrow jewelry

Style Variations: Horizontal brow piercings, double brow piercings, BCR brow piercings.

horizontal, double and BCR brow piercings

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