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Butterfly Kiss Piercing

Piercing: Although it’s most often seen resting along the cheekbone, any piercing performed along the outer edge of the orbital cavity may be referred to as an anti-eyebrow piercing.  That includes those that fall underneath the eyebrow, centered underneath eye, or in the bony area next to the outer corner of the eye.  Because this piercing is a surface piercing, it can be performed in many ways depending on the piercer’s preference and the subject’s facial anatomy.  Some of these methods include with a hollow piercing needle and forceps, with two piercing needles, or with a technique called “punch and taper” which involves using a dermal punch to create the actual openings through which the free ends of the jewelry will protrude and then separating the skin from the underlying tissue with a taper.

Aftercare: Like many surface piercings, the anti-eyebrow will normally take months to heal rather than weeks.  Due to the sensitivity of the skin around the eye socket, bruising is common, though generally not threatening.  Most piercers recommend gentle cleanings with antibacterial soap, along with sea salt soaks or cotton compresses.

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Jewelry: The majority of anti-eyebrow piercings will be worn with surface bars, but on rare occasions a curved barbell or flexible bar made of tygon, PTFE, or bioplast can be used.  Those who are prone to rejection or migration may choose to substitute a single or double microdermal piercing in place of the traditional anti-eyebrow.

Style Variations: The Teardrop (vertically underneath the eye), the Butterfly Kiss (horizontally underneath the eye), ant the Crow’s Foot (vertically at the outer corner of the eye, where crow’s feet wrinkles would traditionally form).

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