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multiple forward helix piercings

Body piercing is at the heart of current youth culture and trendsetting; it is no longer being viewed as deviant behavior. The body is a canvas for those who are open to trying different methods of adornment. If you are looking for a unique grouping of ear piercings, the Triple Forward Helix is all the rage. The triple forward helix has had a recent surge of popularity, especially on social media sites. The helix is the outer rim of the ear, and the “forward helix” or root of the helix is the portion of the helix where the ear comes forward to meet the side of the head.

A “triple forward helix piercing” is three piercings going down the edge of the helix root. This is a very elegant look that is spreading like wildfire, especially among teens that are only allowed to get ear piercings.  The piercing is achieved by placing three different sizes of labrets or barbell studs at the front rim of the ear. A triple forward helix piercing can be done on one or both ears and attracts attention to the profile of the face. The piercing is placed vertically, directly above the tragus portion of the ear.

anatomy of the human ear for piercings

The triple forward helix is a style that requires multiple piercings in a very small area, and may be more painful than other cartilage piercings. It is up to you and your piercer to decide whether it is right for you to receive all three piercings in one sitting or spread them out. The site is thoroughly cleaned, marked, clamped with forceps, and then pierced with a 14 or 16 gauge hollow needle. This is a relatively new multiple piercing style, so make sure you view your piercer’s healed helix portfolio before sitting down.

There is sort of a realm of mystery surrounding this new piercing. It is a common misconception that the clean looking triple forward helix is done using microdermal implants or even faux piercing jewelry. I know that the first time I came across the triple forward helix on Tumblr I questioned what kind of jewelry was used in it. As with any piercing, proper fitting jewelry helps to prevent problems like infection or scarring.  It is very important to use the right size of labrets, captives, or curved barbells to achieve the correct look and have a much faster healing time. You can wear small captive jewelry, small curved barbells, or studs. The current jewelry trend for this beautiful piercing is a row of graduated studs, with the rhinestones going from big to small. This creates a very interesting effect that stands out from a traditional ear piercing. Due to the placemen,t this look compliments both stretched and non stretched ears. Upper ear piercings such as this make crystal encrusted plugs or long drop earrings standout more, a perfect look for any prom or special occasion.

helix piercing stud jewelry

It can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months for a helix piercing to fully heal, and the healing period can vary for each person depending on how their bodies react and the procedure used by their piercer. Avoid swimming, using beauty products in the area of the piercing, letting hair become tangled in the piercing, and touching it or playing with it with your hands. As always, strictly follow your piercer’s aftercare regiment to maintain the health of your new piercing.

Every time a piercing like the triple forward helix is seen on a celebrity or young socialite, it makes it easier for the rest of us to transcend taboo and move into more innovative realms. Mainstream fashion is finally starting to accept body modification as a staple in our culture and more than just a fad. Piercings help the wearer to create their own identity and stand out from the monotony of what is considered “normal.”

Do you have your helix pierced? Are you considering it? Share your stories in the comments below.

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    Just had a triple forward helix done! The artist gave me a $20 discount because most people stop at 1 or 2 and I was good! It hurt but I have also had 2 vaginal deliveries and a large foot tatoo! Does not hurt much in comparison! It’s sore still but I’m at day 3.,. Hope it heals well it’s really cute!

    Brigette on

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