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As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.  -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

 Veterans Day celebration

50 Shades of Camouflage

 camouflage and military fashion

Camo comes in many forms, whether military issue or good old fashioned 90s punk.  Choose your color scheme and accessorize accordingly, and never forget to thank your local heroes for preserving your fashion freedom.

 camo body jewelry

Hometown Heroes

 public and military services

Speaking of local heroes, Veterans’ Day is the perfect time to recognize them in your community.  And remember to show your appreciation for local paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement, hospital attendants, and everyone else who makes life safe right here at home as well as abroad.

 armed services belt buckles

Magical Americana

 American flags in fashion

Patriotism is even more contagious than the flu, and it all starts with a little touch of red, white and blue.  The ultimate show of support for all our veterans is to wear old glory proudly.

 red white and blue body jewelry

Service Ink

 retro marine and military style tattoos

Just like old sailors in generations past, military service personnel have a long history of ink, and we’re not talkin’ pens!  For a temporary fix, some faux art with public service insignia and symbolic mariner’s fare is just the ticket.

 sailor and military style faux tattoos

The Retro Connection

 vintage wartime styling

Vintage military paraphernalia is back in a big way, and there’s no better time than Veterans’ Day to fall into a retro groove.  This holiday finds its roots with the first Armistice Day following WWI, so no matter your favorite fashion era, a little antique accessorizing is just what the doctor ordered.

some fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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