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Ever seen someone wearing a piece of ridiculously awesome body jewelry and then not been able to duplicate the look?  Well maybe they were wearing something they weren’t “supposed to.”  What we’re talking about is body jewelry in basically the wrong spot, but with a look that’s oh so super right.  Check it out:

 other body jewelry as cartialge earrings

So what’s that in her ear?  From left to right in the helix (cartilage) piercing of each ear we have a regular fishhook earring, a skull belly button ring, and a straight barbell.  Look pretty fun though, don’t they?  As long as the gauge of an item is the right size for the piercing you have, there’s really no law against wearing jewelry that isn’t meant for a helix piercing in the cartilage of your ear.

unusual cartilage earring substitutes

And what about the adorable nose piercings below?

interesting choices of nose jewelry

That’s a regular heart shaped stud earring that our friend on the left is wearing, and instead of a horseshoe, BCR, retainer, or even a bone in the septum piercing at right, it’s a regular curved barbell like those generally sold as belly or eyebrow rings.

interesting nose jewelry substitutes

Sometimes the best way to get a truly unique look, is to think a little bit outside the box.  As long as the jewelry fits, at least some of the rules were made to be broken.

fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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