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Ever since the premiere of Tim Burton’s darkly fantastical reimagining of the classic tale Alice in Wonderland, the fashion world has been awash in tones of subdued azure and cerulean.  Glorious replicas of the re-tooled blue frock donned by Mia Wasikowska’s Alice encumbered department store shelving at every turn.  But a love of slate tones not withstanding, some of us prefer to take our beauty cues from a less likely source in the Wonderland world: the infamous Queen of Hearts.

Played to perfection by Helena Bonham Carter, the hilarious visage of Burton’s Red Queen has all the spunk, and of course hearts, that you remember, along with a jewel-toned maturity and a touch of gold and pearl-laced opulence you may not.  She’s a darker, more adult, and certainly more regal Queen of Hearts that her predecessors, and seeing a childhood favorite come to life as never before, one simply can’t help but fall in love with it.

Here, deeper ruby reds, hints of ebony, and a playful referencing to suits re-work her majesty’s new-found edge into a wonderfully wearable trend that captures the glamour of old Hollywood red in a classic and feminine modern update.

And as always, any queen deserves a little crown.

Although Disney Couture has released a special line of Wonderland themed jewelry of their own in collaboration with Tom Binns and Swarovski, more translatable versions of the royal-worthy Red style are palatable even in Summer, and with the prevalence of crimson making a comeback, you’ll never hear the fashion police say, “off with her head.”

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