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Follow our BodyCandy video correspondent, Kelsey, as she shows you the ins, outs, and valuable info on one of our favorite, cool Body Candy products: faux body piercing jewelry.  Lets watch!

“Hi guys.  I’m Kelsey from Body Candy dot com.  Today I’m here to tell you about cheater plugs, and illusion rings.  Now these are great, because if you don’t want to make the commitment to go through the process of actually gauging your ears or getting the piercing that you want, you don’t have to anymore.  We have the solution.  Cheater plugs and illusion rings give you the desired look you want without making a permanent decision.”

“Now let’s talk about cheater plugs,” she lifts one up so we can see.  “Cheater plugs are essentially a regular earring, with imitation plug pieces on either side.  To put them in, you simply put it through the back, and screw on the front.”

She effortlessly inserts the back portion of the earring through her piercing, screws on the front, and turns her head to show the camera.

“And there you go.  You have an earring that looks like a plug.  This is a taper style,” she points out each in turn, “and we also have regular plug styles too.  It’s a simple way to get the look of a stretched lobe piercing without actually stretching your lobes.

“Next, we have illusion rings, of which we have three styles: we have the single style, the double style, and the triple style.”  She holds each up while going through the different types.

“These are made to replicate BCRs, standard hoops, and standard rings.  To simply put one on,” she raises a single ring to show us how it’s done, “you take the ring, stretch it to where you want, and slip it right on.”

The ring now sits comfortably on the side of her lip, looking just like a real lip piercing.

“You can slip this on your nose, your eyebrow, your ears, your belly,” she gestures, “and you have an instant, realistic piercing.”

“Also if your sports activities or job doesn’t allow you to have these types of piercings or gauges, you can just take it out, and go back to normal.  You can have an instant piercing for the day or for the night.  So come check out cheater plugs and illusion rings,” she smiles and points to her new faux lip piercing, “and fake it, with Body Candy.”

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