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cool galactic crystal style

Tomorrow is Meteor Day, and we’re about to get galactic.  It’s no secret that space is fast becoming a whole new frontier, not just in astrophysics, but also in alternative fashion.  Jeans and leggings, tattoos, body jewelry, and just about everything else you can think of is being seen all over the streets and cyberspace patterned with the universe.  The planets, the stars, galaxies, supernovas, moons; you name it and it’s just about guaranteed you can find it.  There’s a fun new addition to the outer space look though: shimmering, spacey, galactic crystals.  Galactic crystal jewelry made with Swarovski Elements is the perfect little extra to make a universe patterned piece really pop.  Just sneak a couple of these babies into your jewelry wardrobe, and it will feel like the fashion world revolves around you.

sweet galactic crystal body jewelry

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