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giant octopus girl

Ever heard of the colossal squid?  Old mariners’ tales of sea monsters that looked like gigantic squid or octopus have been circulating for centuries, but it wasn’t until 1999 that the truth of these enormous animals was actually confirmed.  That’s right, the Kraken lives!

 oceanic fashion styling

Although portions of several specimens of unusual size had been discovered washed up on shore or in the bellies of whales in decades past, the first images of a living super-sized animal weren’t captured until 2004.  In fact, as mysteries go, the waters of the earth and what’s lurking in them is arguably one of life’s greatest, especially when you consider that less than 10% of our oceans have been explored.  Maybe that’s why these massive cephalopods have captured our imaginations, as well as our wardrobes.  Wearing our love for water-dwelling invertebrates on our sleeves, ears, shirts, and shoes?  You bet we are!

 Cool Octopus Jewelry

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