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clear bioplast body jewelry

So what exactly is bioplast?  Bioplast is a material that’s commonly used for making all kinds of body jewelry.  It’s non-metallic, can be either colored or clear, and is flexible and easy to maneuver.  But what makes it a good choice?

Well, first of all, bioplast is “biocompatible.” This simply means that it’s been tested and approved as a substance that’s capable of coexisting with the tissue of a living organism.  Unlike some other materials, bioplast won’t be interpreted by the body as what it truly is: a piece of foreign material that’s not part of the skin.  Also, because bioplast isn’t rigid or fixed like metals and other materials, it puts less pressure on the skin when you move.  This makes it a great candidate for any piercing that sees a lot of movement, and along with tygon and PTFE, it’s even sometimes worn in surface style piercings.

colorful bioplast body jewelry

The other great thing about bioplast jewelry is that it’s hypoallergenic. Two of the most common culprits of body jewelry allergy are lead and nickel, and since bioplast is non-metallic, it doesn’t contain either of these allergens.  Plus, due to its flexibility, bioplast also reduces the risk of chronic swelling and infection, particularly in new piercings.  This allows for faster healing, and because it’ available clear, it can also be virtually unnoticeable.

Last but not least, both straight and curved barbell shafts made of bioplast can be sterilized by autoclave up to 121 degrees centigrade (that’s about 250 degrees fahrenheit, which is over thirty degrees higher than the boiling point of water).  So who can benefit from bioplast?  Just about anyone who makes the switch.  Ready to go non-metallic?

  • A

    Hi Dan,

    10g is a pretty large gauge – I’m not sure we carry anything in Bioplast in that particular size. I will make a note of this though and see what we can come up with.

    Alley (Body Candy Team) on

  • D

    I’d like to change over to Bioplast however it’s impossible the sizes are Extremely limited and almost no one seems to carrie bioplast. Cant change any of mine as I need 10g or larger.

    Dan on

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