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ET inspired fashion

Did you hear?  Today is Space Day, and we’re all about ET.  No, not Katy Perry (though she’s definitely fabulous); we’re talking about extraterrestrial fashion.  Style has undeniably hit the space age, and futuristic, celestial, and cosmic fun are all in the cards.

cosmic alternative styling

Chunks of crystal in spacey shapes that shine luminous or iridescent make you look like the queen of your very own galaxy,  while auroras, faux opals, and stunning watery blues pump up the volume on your already stellar summer outfits.

cool galactic body jewelry

Or for a punch of cosmic print, let your ears be the center of attention.  A swirling spiral galaxy in the middle of some vibrant violet plugs will be the center of any astronomically sound ensemble.

brilliant purple cosmic print plugs

Afterall, why be a firework, when you can be a star goddess?

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