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One thing about warmer weather and summer in the Northern hemisphere is that it also means that festival season is upon us! Our ad writer, Ann, embarked on her first music festival adventure of the season this past Memorial Day weekend in Chillicothe, Illinois at Summer Camp Music Festival.

The vibes and the music brought people from all walks of life together for a weekend under the hot summer sun, but there was one thing abundantly clear from the moment of stepping onto the grounds: body piercings were everywhere! There were many pierced babes, both male and female, frolicking about the fields and stages at the grounds of Three Sisters Park. Enormous stretched lobes, faces full of metal, and plenty of dangles and sparkles caught attention at every twist and turn, whether it was making your way through the crowd or swaying to the tunes. Although there seems to have always been a correlation between counterculture and body modification, seeing the two come together in such a welcoming and flamboyant environment was a truly beautiful event.


There was no shortage of adorable looks at Summer Camp, and as with most festivals today, there were many fashionable trends that made themselves apparent over the three-day weekend, regardless of how dirty everyone got. And the pierced styles were the best part! Let’s take a look at just a few of the many amazing body jewelry products we have to offer you that will gain you your fill of festival fashion while still ensuring a full wallet to enjoy the actual event!


cartilage_59528Keep calm no matter what this summer throws your way with this ohm symbol tragus earring with an antique finish to give your cartilage piercing a rustic look without the impatient wait for the antique status.





Carry Buddhist elements with you wherever you go on your journey to nirvana with this pair of 7/8″ double flared tunnel plugs with an Eastern-inspired Buddha head within the center of the tunnel that will serve as a reminder that not all worldly possessions are that bad (other gauge sizes are also available in this style).




nipplechain_hc5944Do you ever wonder why you got a nipple piercing if you weren’t going to show it off? Well, this handcrafted ohm symbol nipple chain can remind you that you can show it off whenever you’d like with some added sparkle thanks to the dangling accents created with Swarovski crystals.





bellyring_hc5465Elephants never forget, and you can be sure that your sense of style will be remembered with this gorgeous handcrafted dangle belly button ring, featuring gleaming details including an elephant charm and a plethora of blue accents created with Swarovski crystals.




industrial_59292Celestial sights are even more beautiful while camping for three days with your closest friends (both new and old). Remember the nights and commemorate the wild opportunities that emerge in the night with this industrial barbell with an intricate dreamcatcher-inspired dangling charm.





nipple_57111Tribal elements aren’t just for the battlefield – they’re also great for showing off some skin instead of protecting it, especially in the case of this dangle nipple shield with creamy green and pink synthetic opals decorating its Aztec-inspired design.





Another option for getting some opal action can be found here with this barbell nipple ring. Maintain a simple style while giving your piercing a much-needed heavenly upgrade with the white synthetic opals that decorate the mandala-like ends of this nipple jewelry.




Feel light as a feather with the natural look of organic areng wood with this pair of 7/16″ hanger plugs that feature an abalone shell inlay shining with iridescence. The unique look of these taper plug earrings thrive thanks to the intricately carved details and flawless craftsmanship from Urban Star (other gauge sizes are also available in this style).




Want a natural look without sacrificing your need for something sparkly? This pair of handcrafted o gauge double flared saddle plugs give you the best of both worlds with a Beechwood base supporting seafoam green and blue elements of a lotus flower and dangling accents created with Swarovski crystals.

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