Body Candy Video: Amazingly Chic New Feather Body Jewelry for Fall

by Body Candy

Check out our latest video featuring Body Candy’s hottest new addition: feathers.  Meet Body Candy correspondent, Lyndzi, as she shows off our favorite new feathery items for Fall, including amazingly colorful and chic bohemian style earrings and belly rings.

Feathers are the perfect way to add a little flare to a Fall ensemble, and our new Native American inspired pieces are especially great during the month of September, as September 23rd is National Native American Heritage Day.

Ancient tribes and nomadic peoples around the world have used feathers for jewelry and adornment for centuries, and some native groups even assigned special meaning to their feathered accents based on color, season, social hierarchy, or the bird from which the feather came.  Even as far back as ancient Egypt, the feather retained a cultural significance, and yesterday’s history has fed today’s fabulous fashion.

This Fall plumage is anything but boring, with bright colors, loads of texture, jeweled accents, and a serious dose of je ne sais quoi.

by Body Candy

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