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Blue is shaping up to be Fall’s favorite fashion hue, with celebrities, designers, and trendy fashion bloggers all stepping into cool aquatic clothes, accessories, and beauty regimens.  From smalltime street to big-time spotlight, celebs across all continents have been seen embracing blue via high wattage locks.

And blue beauty doesn’t just stop at pop-culture, as several recent runway shows have been ablaze with blue make-up on eyes and lips, graphic blue nail art, and  (you guessed it) more blue hair.

Blue also made a strong appearance at the Emmys this year, with gorgeous galactic and lightly gothic pieces bringing feminine beauty to every edge of the red carpet.

In runway, London designers showed blue across the board, with hues ranging from light, to bright, to deep and sultry jewel tones.

And at Mexico’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, countless designers unveiled show-stopping pieces centered around the sweetness of sapphire.

Blue outerwear and accessories are having a moment in the sun as well, with gorgeous azure options hitting the shelves of flagships all across Europe.

How to do bright blue for the real world?  Sticking to the accessory side of the spectrum is a good way to go, especially for those lacking the panache appropriate to wearing a full length gown to the mall.

Earrings are always a safe bet for rocking brilliant color in a subtle and effortless way.  As long as other jewelry is kept to a minimum, earrings can go anywhere from stud, to chandelier, to oo-la-la-hoop.

In areas where warm enough weather extends into the Fall months, belly rings make the centerpiece of any simple, elegant outfit, especially in shades of aqua and indigo.

So lay back, and let Fall’s daring blue hues do all the work.  Brilliant.

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