Belly Ring Monthly Subscription Box

Belly Ring Monthly Subscription Box

Body Candy Monthly Belly Ring Subscription Club

The Belly Ring Monthly Club is finally live and so many people have already signed up!

Belly Ring Monthly Subscription Club

It is here. You can sign up for the Belly Ring Monthly Club right now on by clicking the 'New' tab or by searching "Belly Ring Monthly Club" in the search bar. This is our first bag design and we hope to add stickers and all sorts of other great things. The team here is really excited. You will love these little baggies. You can use them for separating things, especially while traveling, or even for loose change. When you get your first month's jewelry, make sure you post a pic on Instagram or send a Snapchat so we can share and maybe even tag pictures of people wearing their new belly rings.

First, the Belly Ring Monthly Club for May includes this beautiful handcrafted puka shell dangle belly button ring. I really love this because the dangle shells are round it so it's not uncomfortable. The May pack also includes a purple anodized steel belly button ring with top and bottom gems plus a cute mermaid tail and seashell dangle charm. The last one is a simple non-dangle belly ring with a springtime swirl charm and a pretty pink orb center. Some bags may go out with a variation of this piece of navel jewelry with a white or teal orb.

Your delivery will include three navel rings every month. One piece will always be a featured handcrafted piece made by AJ and her team that will not be available anywhere else. They're made specifically to coincide with the monthly theme of the other two belly rings, which will also be exclusive!

Body Candy Belly Ring Monthly Club

For the monthly price of $14.95 you will receive belly rings with a total value of $45 each month. When you order you'll be charged $14.95 immediately (as well as a $5 each month shipping fee for international customers). Your first box will ship within 24 business hours. It can take two to seven (2 -7) business days to arrive. Coupon codes are not applicable to the Belly Ring Monthly Club. We also understand that things happen or that you may need to take a break from our monthly club so you can cancel at any time, quickly and easily.

There is also an option available on to pay for an entire year's membership all at once! For $150 you’ll get an entire year membership to the Belly Ring Monthly Club. That’s two months FREE!

Make sure you're checking in on Facebook for our live video every Friday at 1:00 p.m. (EST) to see new products, hear about the Belly Ring Monthly Club, and so much more. We love hanging out with you guys and want to see everyone there next week and every week at 1pm to ask questions and say hi to Alley! Check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat anytime the rest of the week!