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As belly piercing becomes more commonplace in the United States and around the globe, new trends are beginning to spring up in the field of navel adornment.  From multiple belly piercings, to dermal detailing, to subtler trends like a single piercing of the bottom navel rim rather than the top, belly piercing is making a fun, fashion forward, and aesthetically altering comeback from the realm of the mundane.

The popularity of the bottom belly piercing worn with top drop navel rings is a prime driving force in the resurgence of ornate and exotic jewelry.  Tribal pieces, Bhali chic, modern shapes, and even Victorian gothic fare can all be seen decorating the navels of those who have ventured into lower belly button rim territory.

For piercees who have gone the extra mile and pierced both top and bottom, or several areas around the navel, coordinating color and style becomes the focus, without being sucked into dull, monochromatic matches.  A single dangling item paired with solid, graphic, or gem laced simpler barbells in adjacent piercings is a surefire way to stun when baring a multi-pierced midsection.  This season, brilliant corals, turquoise notes, and plums make it easy to find an interesting and cohesive balance.

And dermal anchor detailing in collusion with navel rim piercing is another fashion balancing act that deserves time and attention.  Keeping dermal dome tops to solid color, subtle shine finish, or coordinating gems leaves just the right amount of room for a piercing of the navel itself to become the primary focus while still allowing accents to bring something to the table.

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