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Arguably one of the most versatile piercings is the navel piercing.  The navel can be pierced through the belly button itself if the piercee has what we call an “outtie” belly button, and for those of us with “innies” pretty much anywhere around the rim, including several places at once.  So it comes as no surprise then that to accommodate the versatility of the piercing, jewelry designed for the navel also comes in many different styles and types.

Some who get their belly button pierced will still use a bcr or “ball captive ring” for it.  This is an open ring paired with a small ball or bead that pushes into the opening and is held in by divots, closing off the ring’s ends once in place.  Most however, will use what is called a “banana bell,” a curved barbell with a small ball on one end and a slightly larger one on the other.  Banana bell belly rings are by far the most commonly worn navel jewelry, with some women even wearing matching or coordinating pieces in multiple piercings at once around the navel.

For a change of pace, there is also the spiral belly ring.  This item is exactly as it sounds, a barbell that is spiraled or twisted in shape, and tipped with the same size ball or gem on each end.  These pieces are not for everyone, but once the belly button piercing has healed and is in top shape, many who sport this modification will find spiral jewelry aesthetically pleasing.  Generally spiral belly rings are simple, having decoration only on their tips, or a single adornment in the center of the spiral.

Another style of belly piercing jewelry is the “top drop” or “top down” navel ring.  This is usually a curved barbell with ornate decoration on one end, and is meant to be worn with the embellishment or dangle coming from the top, rather than from the bottom like a traditional belly ring.  Depending on the weight, style, and overall construction of the piece, these items will normally be worn in either a traditional piercing (center of the upper rim), or a bottom belly piercing (center of the lower rim).

Along with those mentioned here there are also many other unique and lovely styles of belly piercing jewelry, like the pregnancy belly ring, belly shield, and belly chain.  The vast majority of items for the navel will be made out of surgical grade stainless steel, titanium, gold, bioplast, or ptfe, all of which are safe, hypo-allergenic materials, and ideal to perfect a changing look.

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