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It’s no secret that belly piercing jewelry has fast become one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts, with the piercing itself ranking number two as most common piercing in the world.  The connection of navel rings to common Valentine’s themes is undeniable, and the number of women who own at least one piece of high end belly jewelry is rapidly on the rise.  Much like a diamond tennis bracelet or journey necklace, a gold or sterling silver belly ring with precious or semi-precious stones has begun to be thought of as an expression of exclusivity and a symbol of status.

So why do we ladies love the “designer” belly ring?  Well, as with most trends that encompass women in nearly every age group, the answer is that it’s actually a combination of factors.  A growing number of women are developing skin sensitivity to metals like nickel, and 14, 18 and 24kt gold have both beauty and hypoallergenic composition working in their favor.  On the other side of things, pricing relative to quality is also a powerful issue, and in today’s economy, female shoppers are interested in high quality items, at reasonable discounted prices.  In direct correlation to quality and durability comes the question of sustainability, and in this arena both gold and sterling silver shine.  With a myriad of recycling options at our fingertips, we can rest a little bit easier knowing that our favorite pieces are apt to gain new life as something else, rather than wasting away in a landfill when we’re done with them.

For fashion’s part, the precious and semi-precious stones that create an effect known as “belly bling,” started a slow crawl to the top as a style favorite of the American supermodel.  Beginning with Christy Turlington’s turn on the runway in 1993, a classy hint of belly sparkle has become a model mainstay, popular (among others) amidst the Victoria’s Secret angels, including Adrianna Lima.

So what girl wants a gorgeous new belly ring for Valentine’s Day?  What girl with a navel piercing doesn’t?

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