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baring body art

This is a Body Modification Public Service Announcement: Do not wait until summer to get your new piercings and tattoos. I repeat, go get pierced and tattooed now, do not wait!  If you get your body modifications right now they will be ready to take center stage during the warm summer months. A lot of people think of getting a tattoo or piercing in the summer, which is not wrong, just not the smartest thing to do if you want to fully enjoy your summer. It’s hot out and everyone is showing off more flesh and body art. Then when cooler weather comes around and the long sleeves and baggy sweaters come out, the idea of getting body modification fades.

Appearance is everything. Nobody wants to show off a crusty healing belly piercing or ugly scabbed over tattoo. We all know that healing time is part of the process and that beauty is pain, but why sacrifice style if you don’t have to? Now you can cover up the healing process with your cold weather layers. Loose and oversized shirts and dresses are perfect for a healing belly button or body piercing; less chance of it catching or being aggravated.

Consider the healing time for your new art work. The less exposure your skin gets to the elements (such as sunlight), the better off your tattoos and piercings will heal. Sand from the beach, chlorine, and other pool chemicals are bad for new modifications. Excessive sweat can also aggravate a new piercing or tattoo. During the colder months your body is less open to the elements and tattoos and piercings can heal faster and without as much chance of infection. Piercings and tattoos are expensive and they need to be cared for and treated accordingly. Take care of your investment; you are going to have it for the rest of your life.

warm weather modification aftercare

Waiting time is another thing to think about when you are considering a brand new piercing or tattoo. The cold winter is the slow season for most studios. Go now to beat the spring rush (which will hit very soon), I swear that everyone is about to have the same idea as you. During the busy summer season you may even have to get on a waiting list get your work done. Honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that! Piercing and tattoo artists are not as rushed or busy right now. It is much easier for them to give you their full and undivided attention, thus increasing the quality of your final piece.

I know it is SO difficult to think about summer style when the flakes are falling… actually… who am I kidding? I think we are all daydreaming about the beach and warm happy times. So, grab your best friend and go see your piercer or tattoo artist as soon as you are done reading this blog (I won’t even be mad if you did not finish reading it and already bolted to the shop, it is that important). When summer finally arrives and you start pulling out your shorts, midriff tops, bikinis and spaghetti strap dresses again, you’ll be all set to show off your beautifully healed new body art, and you won’t even have to skip any pool or beach trips! Thank me now.

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