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body jewelry classics

In the early days of contemporary western body piercing, there wasn’t a great variety of colors and styles available in jewelry. In fact, in many instances, when new and interesting piercings were invented or modified, piercers had to get a bit crafty, creating new or custom body jewelry styles.

It may be just a hop, skip, and a jump away from 2015, but as we barrel head-on towards the future of body art, it never hurts to take time out to appreciate our roots. And so, without any further ado, here’s a little tribute to a few of our favorites: the classics.

316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Ah, surgical steel. The modification industry wouldn’t be the same without it. This simple, high shine, and neutral-toned marvel is still going strong moving forward through the 2010s, and with very good reason. It’s the perfect combo of function and anti-fashion, making it the go-to accessory material for those with constantly changing looks, as well as those who haven’t moved a hair since 1998. It goes with everything, and sacrifices nothing, making it a body jewelry force to be reckoned with.

classic steel body jewelry basics

Blackline Anodized Titanium
Black titanium is a maverick metal too, essentially stainless steel’s darker, hotter cousin. Blending seamlessly with any style or look, it provides a little extra edge in the process. Is our goth phase still a phase if it’s lasting over a decade? Either way, we’re definitely into it.

solid black classic body jewelry

Patterned Acrylic
And last but not least, who could forget, those fun and funky acrylic designs? Candy striping, colored glitter, cute little dice; all our fave 90s fare just wouldn’t be possible without the cool retro miracle of colorful acrylic.

fun and colorful acrylic basics

So what’s your favorite classic trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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