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floral Spring jewelry fashion

April is National Garden Month, so in the spirit of lavishing attention on our flora, here are some posies that make the garden fashion grade:

rose floral body jewelry

The rose is one of the most recognizable flowers in the world, being used in fragrances, beauty products, cards and artwork, food, and even homeopathic tinctures.  An object of prose across the works of great wordsmiths and a timeless symbol of love and friendship, the color of a rose can be just as important it’s beautiful perfume.  If you’re looking to move away from intense red or classic pink, take a look at the pastels that are making the season bloom.

 lily blossom body jewelry

Lilies are the ultimate in simple chic.  Often associated with purity and divinity, they remain a top choice for wedding accessories, beach house decor, Easter table settings, and a multitude of other important occasions.  A relative of the lotus and the common American tulip, the classic beauty of a blooming lily kicks any outfit up a notch.  For a more modern and youthful approach, try a splash of bright color.

 multi colored floral belly rings

A bevy of flowering belly rings is just what we need to celebrate Spring.  Multi colored gems, full blooming shapes, and the addition of geometric and symmetrical patterns make these sweet picks our new set of crop top go-tos.  A sun kissed bare midriff plus a brilliant exotic posy equals  a match made in fashion heaven.  Say hello to summer!

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