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It’s our favorite time of year again. The end of school, graduation, a well deserved dose of summer fun, and of course, the prom.

For those who are pierced, tattooed, or otherwise modified, styling for prom can be a little tricky. But individuality is an amazing thing, and pulling together a unique and one of a kind prom look is a breeze if you just stick to your own signature style and mold it a little to fit into this more girly aesthetic.

Traditional prom wear is usually feminine and sweet, with pastels and ribbons, but even a classic style dress can be accessorized to reflect the inner you. One of the great things about the prom for those who have tattoos that are normally hidden or covered, is that for this one night soiree you can proudly let them show. And for stricter dress codes that say tattoos must remain covered up, a strategically placed strap or accessory can work wonders.


Modern alternative “occasion” styling is all about color, so feel free to experiment with neons and brights.

For an extra focus around the eyes, temporary tattoo art takes the guess work out of fantasy makeup. Popular right now: florals, tribal swirls, stars, and lace.

Hair styling looks fresh and updated if allowed to remain imperfect and slightly undone rather than sculpted. Try plaits, tiaras, Victorian style embellishments, or splashes of color that enhance your natural glow.


Floral remains one of the top motifs for prom. For solid color dresses or those that have a gently gothic feel, tones of fuchsia, pewter, violet, and indigo give an unexpected touch.

Other widely available elements that easily translate from modern to retro or vintage include bows, hearts, and butterflies.

For facial piercings, stick to a solid color, clear gem solitaires, or standard titanium, particularly if the dress you’ve chosen has lots of sparkles or embellishments.

Now our hair is curled, our makeup is set, and our accessories are flawless. Prom mission: accomplished.

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