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She’s a full figure fashion icon, an inspiration to retro pinup models and stylists the world over, and she’s even lent her name to one of the most popular facial piercings in the world. So what else can Norma Jeane Baker (aka Marilyn Monroe) contribute to the world of alternative fashion?  More photos of course!

New photographs of Monroe taken circa 1962 by photog Lawrence Schiller have been released and will appear in Vanity Fair‘s June issue. The shots reportedly capture the lovely Marilyn frolicking poolside and striking some suggestive poses, and were meant to be an answer to the meteoric rise of her Hollywood rival Elizabeth Taylor, as Taylor had recently made scandalous news cavorting with her “Cleopatra” co-star.

Six photos in all will be presented in the publication, along with excerpts adapted from Schiller’s memoirs, including his recalling of conversations with the famous and fabulous Marilyn, some concerning her viewpoints on playing a character in the media.

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