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Halloween costume DIY

Despite the inevitable grueling change from the sweltering sun to deciduous trees and reciprocation of winter’s bone, there is one special night, (or for some of us, several nights) which eases summer’s end. Every year the majority of the living transform themselves into another being for a night of mischief and debauchery in celebration of the revelry of Halloween. Here are a few tips on successfully creating your 2013 Halloween identity…

  1. Real costumes don’t come in a plastic bag.

Are you planning on trick or treating? Well if you are, then you can be sure there is some pre-packaged, one-size fits all corny costume that has been stored and dusted off each Halloween season at your local party store since ‘99. Of course, that’s if you can find something amongst the swarms of procrastinating Hallowanabe’s and unruly parent’s attempting to maintain dignity while their 9 year old daughter screams that she doesn’t want to be Hannah Montana because she’d rather twerk like Miley.

  1. Don’t be a procrastinating “Hallowanabe”

A real costume takes intricate planning and time in order to fully achieve true transformation. This means when that idea does pop into your head, listen to the Halloween spirit and go with it. The more detail the better. If you have a specific character in mind, do your research and not only study the wardrobe of your character to ensure your best appearance, but also study your character’s movement and dialect to truly become your costume. But if you really want to get a good laugh or creep out your fellow boys n ghouls, create your OWN original character or idea.

 costuming outside the box

  1. Creativity and Detail: a winning combination.

Whether you’re trying to paralyze someone with fear or win 1st place in your designated category (scariest, ugliest, sexiest), creativity and detail are a common theme. As aforementioned, avoiding prepackaged costumes is a must, because of the lack of reality. The real thing is found in a palace of pure costume potentiality, the thrift store. Due to the unpredictability and potential of striking gold, this is why you must not procrastinate. With time and maybe a few extra trips, this is where you will find everything you need to create your characte’rs wardrobe. If nothing else, it might give you an idea or two. Craft stores and online retailers may come into the picture if you will be creating from scratch. (bonus points)

  1. The finishing touches of the facade.

Now that you have your idea and wardrobe, the only thing left is to finish your details. Masks can be creepy, (i.e. Voorhees, Myers,) but hair, makeup, and accessories can go a long way. Here is where you can add your hair dyes, blood, makeup, props, etc. which will truly wrap everything together. Colored contacts have also been found to truly add a little extra terror or believability to your Halloween identity.

  1. Be the change.

The time has come. You are prepared. You have everything you need to truly transform yourself into your Halloween being for an amazing night of watching your friends, family, and perfect strangers visually react to your costume and how cool it looks. Allow yourself to be the most looked upon creature at the party, because you earned it!

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