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One piercing of the ear that is becoming better known is the tragus.  The tragus is a small piece of skin that lies right in front of the ear canal.  All tragus’s are different in shape and size, which can help determine what type of jewelry is best for each person.  This piercing is done with a needle, rather than a gun, due to the fact that the tragus is cartilage, which means the skin is thicker.  There are two types of jewelry appropriate for a tragus piercing.  The first is a labret stud.  The stud has a flat disc on one end that sits against the back of the piercing, while the shaft of the stud passes through the tragus to the front and is secured with a ball on the end.  A ring can also be used for a tragus piercing, and a small bead captive ring is generally the most common.  This is a hoop that goes through the piercing and is enclose with a ball held in place by the ends of the hoop.  The jewelry can be switched to either type once the initial piercing heals completely.

The time a tragus piercing takes to heal is suggested to be six to twelve months, although if cared for properly, it may heal much sooner.  One common factor that plays a big part in the process is hair catching on the piercing and pulling at it.  If this can be avoided, then irritation will be less likely.  Another factor that may play a role in healing is the use of hairspray.  If hairspray or any other hair products are used, they may leave a residue on the ear and jewelry resulting in tenderness or infection.  It’s very normal for people to hold their phones up to their ear with this new piercing also, and this can cause germs from the dirty phone to be transferred to the ear.  This piercing should be specially cared for and cleaned two to three times a day, allowing the cleaner to soak through, cleansing out any bacteria left behind.  Also, jewelry should be rotated so that the freshly opened skin does not stick to the jewelry.  Avoiding any unnecessary touching of the new piercing or sleeping on the pierced area will help speed healing as well.  This piercing may seem like a little extra work, but it’s well worth the pay off, so enjoy your new piercing and all of the new different styles of body jewelry that come with it.

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