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There are many types of facial piercings, the eyebrow being one of the most common.  This also seems to be the most socially acceptable facial piercing, as having the eyebrow pierced draws attention to the upper face and eye area, which is what most people like about it.  This piercing is a vertical piercing through the eyebrow that is usually placed at the outer corner.  However, as long as the piercing stays above the eye, it can be made through just about any part of the brow.  When getting your eyebrow piercing, there are two different options to consider.  One option is to pierce it with a barbell which would lay flat against the skin and have each end enclosed with a ball.  The advantage of the barbell is that it becomes less likely for that piercing to become infected from being bumped or pulled by anything.  The second option would be to pierce with a ring. With the ring, the piercing itself should be done at an angle to help the jewelry lay better and reduce the chances of it getting caught on anything.

Taking care of an eyebrow piercing is very important, as is aftercare for all piercings.  This piercing's healing time is approximately six to eight weeks, depending on a few factors.  Because the eyebrow is constantly moving and because hair grows on that part of the skin, these factors can cause changes in the healing process.  Sleeping on the side of your face that holds the piercing can cause it to become painful if rubbed too hard or caught on something, and may also contribute to infection.  For this reason it is recommended to sleep on the opposite side.  Avoid touching the new piercing whenever possible.  When washing the area, it is recommended to clean it off in the shower and carefully remove any kind of crusting by gently moving the jewelry and cleansing around the pierced skin.  Warm sea salt solution can be used for aftercare also.  After cleaning the area, it is better to blot it dry rather than rubbing, to avoid irritation.  This routine should be completed daily.

For best results with an eyebrow piercing, it is important to get pierced by a professional and complete the healing aftercare correctly.  Once the eyebrow is healed, either ring or barbell style jewelry can be used, no matter what type was utilized for initial piercing.

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