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Combo: Tattoo Art and Piercings 

Whether the tattoos are vibrantly real or ready to wash off with rubbing alcohol and soap, we can all agree that the combination of amazing tattoo art and shining piercings is the way to go.  Envy the look but don't want the pain?  Try this:

Combo: Gauged Ears and Dermals

When modification goes extreme, make room for stretched ear piercings combined with the subtlety of shimmering dermal anchors in surprisingly sweet places.  This combination is a definite body mod do.

Combo: Body Art or Piercings and Hot Retro Make-up

The look of old Hollywood glamour takes an unexpected turn into the world of body modification….and we love it!  Stunning crimson lips and an updated version of the classic cat eye are just what the doctor ordered when paired with facial piercings or full color art.

Combo: Piercings and Punk

Punk music may never again reach the heights of its former glory, but the punk look (colorful or unique hair styles, leather, rough edges) is certainly still alive and kicking.  And the perfect partner for outrageous style?  Outrageously shiny steel or titanium piercings.

And the best combination by far: Body Modification and Individuality!

We're constantly seeing new, jaw-dropping and innovative ways that body jewelry can be utilized to express our personalities.  So keep showing it off, pierced, tattooed, implanted, and scarred, because the best accessory to amazing body art is your originality.

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