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Whether it’s graphics, tattoo art, or especially jewelry, wings are a definite hit in the here and now. Angel wings, dove wings, winged skulls, hearts, and keys… The style possibilities are practically endless. And like so many other kitsch fashion elements, the wing crosses genres with little to no effort.

Common to romantic gothic styling, the punk and hard rock aesthetics, skater street-wear, and any number of other style categories, the silhouette, coloring, and visual language of the wing seems to make all the difference.  Consider the wing taper or “hanger plug.” Delicate and lyrical shaping demands a lighter, more feminine hand, while stark monochrome coloring and more simplistic carving lend perfectly to a darker aesthetic.

Variation among musically or artistically influenced designs that incorporate other components is equally evident, which leads us this week to multi-faceted perfect pick:

Skater Punk

Punk, skater, and modern gothic are some of the more common subcultures to embrace all things winged, and stainless steel or titanium rings that have a hint of biker edge fit well with all three style sets.

Rock and Rebellion

The less hard and more comfortably girly styling common to glam rock and romanticized gothic benefits from decidedly feminine touches like gemstones, pops of color, and dainty detailing.

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