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Who She Is:

Quiet and enchanting, this beautifully dark vixen represents the softer side of gothic. Her piercings and tattoos may be minimal, or in great abundance, but either way, the general look is extremely feminine and borders on fairy tale. Think wide-eyed Tim Burton heroine meets 21st century coffee house romantic.

What She’s Wearing:

Florals, laces, ribbons, filigree, and handcrafted crystal items in shades of black, muted nudes, and rich jewel tones.  All things girly yet grave have a place in her repertoire, and traditional gothic motifs like the iron cross and the skull get a femme overhaul to soften them up.  Stark contrast, hazy summer pastels, and textured monochrome are favorite looks.

Perfect Pick:

A fleur de lis necklace. Those with a vintage or antiqued look work best to maintain the light gothic aesthetic, and a black cord or oxidized silver chain is the perfect fleurian compliment.  With just the right blend of dark and dainty, the fleur de lis has a hint of Parisian charm, a subtle feminine quality, and dark and secretive air that make it prime romantic gothic fare.

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