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Bows.  They’re stylish, they’re purposeful, both feminine AND masculine (think bow tie); every culture in the world is acquainted with some form of the bow.  Ribbons, fabrics, animal hides, straw, string: when you’re talking about bows, the possibilities are endless.  So here’s a little fashion tribute to our good old friend, the bow.

Most designers in Europe, the US, Asia, and around the world have featured bows in their collections at some time or another in the past decade, some more prominently than others.  The lovely Parisian chic women’s collections from Chanel are all about sweet and simple details with a touch of romance and a hint of edge, so of course bows are a regular element.

Asia’s love affair with the bow began with the traditional wrapping of gifts.  In Japan, fabric squares called furoshiki are still used to present gifts, wrapping all sorts of items in interesting multi-fold designs that often appear to be topped with a bow.  Today, in Asia and the US, the bow is most prominently featured in ladies’ clothing and jewelry.

Belly rings with bows have maintained a high level of popularity with celebrities since the early nineties, gracing the navels of Britney Spears, Beyonce, and several others in both the music and film industries.

Ever evolving, always in style, and eternally a fixture in fashion and life: give it up for the bow.

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