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fun ways to wear ear piercings

With the wide variety of body jewelry at our fingertips, the modified generations are starting to set the trends for unique and interesting combinations, particularly when it comes to earrings.  There are about a dozen different areas of the ear that can be pierced, and multiple variations on jewelry that can be worn there.  Just check out these fun offbeat ideas:

fun new ways to wear ear piercings

Even though specific types of studs, barbells, and circulars may be the standard for particular ear piercings, there’s quite a few substitutions that can naturally be made with minimal fuss.  Take the options above, for example.  Helix studs instead of tiny post jewelry for conch piercings, curved barbells instead of full circulars for the daith, and dangle BCRS in place of standard earrings for the lobes.  Even these small little change-ups can provide big style solutions, but there are other options if you prefer a more drastic switch.

ear jewelry substitutions

Just try wearing regular dangle earrings through a helix piercing, clickers in a daith, or even belly rings in areas of the upper lobe, helix, or scaffa.  The substitutions that you’ll be able to make will depend upon the size of the piercing you want to outfit, so knowing the basics of your sizing necessities (like the gauge and length) is definitely the first step in crafting a new look.  Once you’ve got that down, just be creative.  The sky is the limit, and even ear fashion failures will at least result in fun.  🙂

  • A

    Hi Khadejah!

    You can wear a horseshoe in your ear (in a lobe or a cartilage) as long as it fits comfortably!

    Horseshoes come in a variety of gauges – just make sure you match the gauge size before you swap your jewelry.

    As always, a professional piercer can consult you on how to proceed :)


  • K

    I would like to start wearing the horseshoe rings in my ears but is it only meant for your nose? If I can, would I have to stretch my ears?

    Khadejah Lowery on

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