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modern lucite and acrylic jewelry

The words “plastic jewelry” sound so 1980s, right?  Well it’s exactly that type of jewelry that’s been making a huge fashion comeback lately, but unlike those funky fresh, hot pink hoops from the days of In Living Color, this stuff ain’t your mamma’s throwbacks.  Lucite and acrylic have come a long way, baby, and in the 2010s they’re about to bust out larger than life.

You may remember some pretty awesome lucite necklaces and earrings that have been bolstering this trend over the past couple years, like the beautiful Keith Haring creation from Beyonce’s “Move Your Body” video, or the “Classic Lucite Heart Collection” from Betsy Johnson.  Lucite gives a fun and youthful look, and provides a plethora of styling options.  From translucent tinted lucite, to mirrored, to brilliant chalky brights, the possibilities are nearly endless.

colorful lucite pendant necklaces

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