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Hey guys.  It’s Lorna from Body Candy, and a few weeks ago, Body Candy jewelry helped me do something amazing: get married!

My husband is also a Body Candy team member, and both of us are tattooed and pierced, so when it came to having a wedding, we knew ours would be anything but traditional, and that includes the jewelry.  It’s easy to stay classy while maintaining an alternative edge nowadays, and with a black and white wedding, we opted for pieces that showed off our youth and fun-loving nature.  We started by picking out some alternative rings to exchange for our ceremony.  Here’s what we chose:

I love the checkered rings, and this way we get to uphold a family tradition and wait to exchange rings made of gold until our one year anniversary.   So after choosing our rings, then we set about bedecking our bridesmaids.  To make their gifts really special, I designed my own flash art inspired picture and had it customized onto dog tag style necklaces.

Then everyone who has piercings got matching cubic zirconia solitaires to wear.  We stuck mostly with clear, aurora, and pastel pinks and blues, so that everything would be low key but still stylish.

My hubby wore a clear three millimeter stud earring and brightened up his tattoos with some moisturizing tattoo aftercare solution a couple hours before the ceremony.

And as for me, although my belly piercing didn’t show during the wedding, it saw a lot of sun on our honeymoon.  I wore a simple surgical steel belly ring with shimmering aurora crystal tips; since I went through a lot of wardrobe changes, I needed something that would sparkle without being flashy and would match everything I wore, and aurora crystal always does the trick.

Check out our favorite jewelry trend amongst the wedding guests:

It was a beautiful day for an off-beat wedding, and with a mix of classic and alternative, everything we wore was completely cool and completely us.

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