2014 Fashion: Year of the Horse

by Lorna

horse and unicorn fashion for 2014

For most of us the New Year is becoming a faded memory like every other mass event that involves friends, food and merriment, but the Chinese New year was on the 31st of January, so it’s still a little fresher in our minds (and now our closets).   2014 is the year of the horse in the Chinese zodiac, where years instead of months are assigned astrological signs that are designated similarly to traditional western astrology.  This series of astro animals also includes the rat, the monkey, the tiger, the dragon, and several other creatures that represent each sign’s unique traits, each falling under an element: earth, wood, fire, metal, or water.

This year then is not just the year of the regular horse, but actually the year of the “wood horse,” a sign that embodies the qualities associated with the wood element, which is representative of the East (sunrise), the Spring season, and the vibrant natural color pink.  But don’t worry if you aren’t into horoscopes, because the other thing the horse is representative of is awesome Spring fashion.  Time to go for a style ride.

stylish horse belly jewelry

by Lorna

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