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#5.  Hoop-la

A staple that we all know and love from the 90’s, the hoop made a huge comeback this year.  In every piercing possible, in every color of the rainbow, hoop style body jewelry is absolutely everywhere.  From nose hoops, to ball captive rings, some of the piercings that gave serious love to the hoop in 2011 include: septum, lip, eyebrow, belly, tongue web, oral tissue piercings, ear piercings of the lobes and cartilage, and even tongue piercings and surface piercings.

#4.  Oh-versized

From the cocktail ring to the statement necklace, the chandelier earring, and even the belly ring, super-sizing wasn’t just for Mickey D’s this year.  Multiple finger rings, chunky cuffs, out of this world necklaces, and uber belly bling defined the 2011 year in fashion both on and off the runway.

#3.  New-tral

From fleshy tones to basic black, neutral hues dominated the scene in 2011.  They’re classic, have an element of softness, and allow texture to take center stage. Matte taupe earrings paired with a shining black titanium lip ring?  Yes, please!

#2.  Mul-tie Colored

Multicolored and multi-tonal styling has been a big fashion flash fire this year, but while ombre and rainbow are amazing and fun, nothing colored our 2011 like tie dye. It translates from retro to modern; it can be soft and flower child, or bright, brilliant and urban. And let’s not forget that bright multi-hued jewelry and accessories are continuing to build a trans-genre following into 2012.

#1.  DIY

New and interesting ways to wear jewelry were seen in 2011 more than ever.  From necklaces used as headpieces, to creating new looks by layering cocktail rings, or wearing custom bent jewelry wound through multiple, strategically placed piercings.  Unique and fashion forward do-it-yourself styling found it’s niche this year, and it promises to become one of the hottest looks in years to come.

So if you’re looking to create one of the hottest fashion trends of 2012, just keep doing what you’re doing!

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