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Our nose rings are manufactured from the finest materials available and are hand crafted to the highest quality. We offer them in a large variety of styles. You can decide between the bezel setting or prong setting and continue on to pick which style best suits you. These styles include the nose bone, the L shape, the left and right screw and the fish tail. Next, the most common length for our nose ring is a 1/4 in or 6 mm but it can be cut to your length of preference. You can also choose between the 20 gauge or 18 gauge and between the yellow or white 14k gold. Furthermore, we offer a variety of natural stones including diamonds, sapphires, ruby’s and emeralds. Our assortment of synthetic stones include various colors of cubic zirconia, opals and more!

There are many steps that take part in creating that one amazing nose ring. This process is very meticulous and time consuming because each ring is hand crafted. We start by casting and collecting the required materials including the setting, the stone and the stem. We do this for each specific order. Next, we sand down the end of the stem to prepare for welding and solder the post to the setting. To do this, flux is used to combine the two pieces. The next step involves hand setting each individual stone into the specified position. This is carefully done to achieve a centered, ideal look. After that, the nose ring is pre-polished by hand to smooth out the prongs and sides and then bent to fit the selected style. We then drop the nose ring into a ultra sonic to give it a pre-clean and then hand polish it again for that mirror finish. Lastly, a steamer is used for the final clean and your custom nose ring is completed to perfection!

After all this is done, we package and ship your jewelry straight to you. So go online to and place your order today! We will create the nose ring that’s perfect for you!

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