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Floral Leaf Beaded Sticker Temporary Tattoo


Floral Leaf Beaded Sticker Temporary Tattoo


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Product Description

Floral  Leaf Beaded Sticker Temporary Tattoo

These beaded stickers are covered with clear microbeads giving them sparkle and texture. Apply them to the skin and body as a temporary tattoo, or jeans, cell phones, purses, caps and other garments.


for Applications:

Clean and dry application area with soap for Skin Body Application. 


  1. Carefully remove the bottom protection tape
  2. Place sticker on area to attach and press firmly for 20 seconds
  3. Gently remove the upper protection tape
  4. If item is NOT properly bonded to area, simply reapply

  Silicone transfer with glass beads.

Product: 23753