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Boom Goes the Bomb Saddle Plug in Black Acrylic

Product: CUPA-BK-704-10

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Sold individually, purchase two (2) for a pair. Time to explode on the scene, and this super fun ear expander plug helps you make quite the entrance. A comic-inspired bomb with lit fuse is about to go BOOM. The shiny black acrylic plug and colorful graphic will make 'em wonder if you're playing with the heroes or with the villains! Acrylic ear stretcher double flare saddle plug is available in a 5mm to 20mm diameter size.

To purchase, select your size from the drop down above and enter the quantity. Prices may vary based on ear plug gauge size.

Acrylic, Item Sold Individually, Available in 5mm-20mm sizes. Use drop down above to select your plug size.

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