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Black Leather BLACK 3-ROW PYRAMID Snap Belt


Black Leather BLACK 3-ROW PYRAMID Snap Belt


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Product Details

Customizable Snap Closure Starter Belt!

Create your own personalized belt starter belts. Snap closure belts allow you to quickly and easily interchange belt buckles to create new and exciting styles.

Design your own one of a kind personalized belt with one of our many interchangeable belt buckles. Perfect for both Men and Women. Unisex Leather Belt with Interchangeable Buckle. Punk Rock Pyramid Belt. Manmade Leather Black 1.5" Snap Belt. Available in Sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, and 38 Inches.

BELT WIDTH: 1.5" wide

Interchangeable Snap Belt for Buckles

Product: BLT-135-30