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Bico Australia Jewelry SALTA Pendant


Bico Australia Jewelry SALTA Pendant


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Product Details

This quality BICO pendant is crafted from made genuine New Guinea Rosewood and is surrounded by pewter and silver and is available in different finishes. New Guinea, located off of the northern coast of Australia, is the world's second largest island. This BICO Phoenix pendant represents a powerful combination of man made and natural elements. Pendant finishes are available in Brass, Silver and Black.

Bico Pendant Meaning: Dance of Youth Break Free


approximately 1.75 inches long with loop

Caring for your BICO Product:

Chemicals used in traditional jewelry cleaning methods must not be used when cleaning your BICO product. BICO recommends gently rinsing your product in warm water and drying it with a soft cloth. In general, sensible care will ensure a long life for your BICO product. Direct exposure to colognes and aftershave, pool products, and excess sweat can affect the coating and plating of your product.

Product: BICO-1514-B