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Nipple rings

All piercings hurt - that's a fact. But your nipples are a very sensitive part of your anatomy. With such a nerve-filled area, it can be a very intimidating prospect to go and get them pierced.

We asked several Body Candy babes what their nipple piercing experience was really like - here's what they had to say (note: some names have been changed for privacy):

nipple jewelry

Whitney S - Toledo, OH:

When I went to the piercing shop, I met the piercer and we had a short consultation about what would be happening. She started with a clamp, which I was NOT ready for. It was nothing compared to the needle, but it was still pretty shocking and a little painful. In my opinion, my first nipple (the left one) was easier. After they had it clamped, they made a little purple mark and then lined up the needle with the marks to make sure it was positioned right. I wasn't expecting it to take so long, but with nipple piercings, I guess they take extra time pushing the needle through the nipple to make sure it's straight and all. 

To be honest, my chest tightened up a bit due to the adrenaline. I definitely felt the needle go through the nipple every step of the way. My first nipple was pretty painful, maybe a 7 out of 10. But my second nipple was easily the most painful part because I knew what was coming next. My second nipple piercing was a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. I think the worst pain was when the needle pushed through the other side of my nipple. Overall, I was there for like twenty minutes. But I don't regret it at all, I love my nipple rings.

nipple barbells

Caithlyn C - Decatur, MI:

I don't think nipple piercings are anywhere near as bad as everyone says. The piercing itself was so quick, and while I didn't enjoy the sensation, it really was not bad at all. I will say that my pain tolerance is pretty high, but I just didn't experience the same amount of discomfort people tried to warn me about.

The recovery for me was easy. I started wearing bras, clothes, and whatever else right away. I got it caught on a blanket on the second day, which hurt enough for me to yell out. But I think people try to be dramatic about the pain and recovery and I just didn't think it was a tough process at all.

nipple hoops

Morgan W - Rochester, NY:

I just got mine done, and the experience is still fresh in my mind. What I remember most, it took longer than I thought for the needle to make it all the way through my nipple. The first poke stings, no doubt about that. I felt it all the way through. It is a painful, stinging, sensation. The piercer did my right nipple first - it was tough, but not horrible. 5.5 out of 10 on the pain scale.

I tried to relax before the piercer did my left nipple but I already knew it was going to burn and I think that added to my pain. The second piercing was worse for sure, I give it an 8 out of 10 on the pain scale.

It's hard to explain but after being pierced, my nipples felt "constricted." It was weird because my left nipple hurt more to get pierced, but barely hurt the next day. My right nipple hurt less but it was really, really painful for the next few days. Every body is different and every piercing is different, that's just how my body happened to react.

pierced and modified alt girl

Jayme B - Raleigh, NC:

The piercing itself was easy! I only got one nipple pierced - it was cleaned, marked, clamped, and pierced with jewelry before I even knew it. I was in the booth for what seemed like less than a minute and I barely even remember feeling the needle pass through.

For me, the aftermath was tough. For two weeks, my right nipple was very painful to the touch. My nipple was feeling really sensitive, especially to different temperatures like a hot shower. The pain felt like a burning sensation and if you held your hand over it, you could feel the heat radiating from my skin. Even just a shirt or my bra touching it hurt.

For about a month, it was pretty uncomfortable. I'm a side sleeper but I mostly slept on my back for awhile. The pain peaked around day 4 (maybe an 8 out of 10) and gradually decreased... But I love my nipple ring! No regrets.

piercings piercer parlor

Norah G - Redondo Beach, CA:

So both of my nipples are pierced, but I got them done at at two different times. For the first piercing, I took a few Ibuprofen before to try help with the pain. I'd say the pain for that first one was a solid 9 out of a 10, but is very quick because the needle didn't have much skin to go through (at least for me). TBH it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it was going to.

When I went in for my 2nd nipple, it was more of a 10 out of 10. I didn't take any medicine this time so I was super aware of the needle pain. I know it sounds intimidating to hear 10 out of 10 but IMO the worst part is the impending pain rather than the actual piercing.

Here's what you should really be prepared for: sensitivity. Anything that touches your chest is going to have added sensitivity, especially anything that isn't padded like a bra. After a week or two, it was ok, but for a while, I couldn't wear a sports bra because it was just too much pressure. Also, be super careful about snags and bumps... Ouch!

We want to hear about your nipple piercing experience!

Do you have your nipples pierced? What was your best/worst piercing experience? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments below!

  • m

    I got mine done in December for my birthday. I have 11 piercings and Felt prepared to get these.
    But I felt the needle push every mm and it felt like it took longer than any of my other piercings. I’d say an 8/10, the initial shock was enough to make me gasp lol the second nipple seemed like it took even longer and that made me really anxious and kinda sweaty 😅
    I felt a little lightheaded that day and some of the next day but by day 3 I almost forgot they were there and I haven’t had any problems since!
    My piercer used a flexible material barbell rather than metal and they fully healed within 1 month & I’ve already changed jewelry with no issues!
    10/10 would recommend but I know if one of mine fell out or rejected for some reason, I would not re pierce it.

    megan on

  • B

    I got my nipples pierced about 5 months ago now and honestly they had to have been my easiest piercing. The willingness to go in there and do it was what took me forever I was asking everyone I knew that had them done what it was like. But when I got them done it was just like an “Oh” type of pain except the needle didn’t go through right away on my left one so she got the needle halfway through then had to apply more pressure to get it all the way through. So my left one I made the “Oh” about twice. Healing wasn’t difficult at all I made sure to spray them with the healing spray 3 times a day and barely knew they were there. Showering is a struggle sometimes still though because my scrubbie will catch on it so that’s something to definitely watch out for. But I love my piercings and am so glad I got them.

    Brittany on

  • N

    I have both of my nipples pierced, though I did them at different times. I pierced them myself with clean, unused medical needles and a pair of needle nose pliers. Though I won’t recommend this method for most people, the pain that I had was not too bad. I think it was probably a 6 or 7 out of ten. As for the healing, it wasn’t anything too bad except when once one of the piercings came slightly out and I hadn’t noticed until the hole was already starting to close again. To push the piercing back through was a doosey.

    After a couple of years, they are still sensitive to touch which is nice. Overstimulation can be painful, though I would expect that with anything. They get crusties, but nothing a little salt water can’t cure. I wear sports bras, regular bras, mesh bras, and go without a bra some days. I haven’t had any issues with them unless I accidentally bump into something pointy or if the piercing catches on something.

    If I were to do it again, I would. I love the piercings, and so has everyone who’s seen them.

    Nicole on

  • L

    I got both my nipples pierced around Christmas this past year. The tattoo shop and I talked about it before hand and I was glad it is ran by women. I’ve always wanted to get them done but part reason did now is right next to my work. I went one day after work & didn’t seem to take long. Both women did it at the same time. For me it hurt for a few seconds, leading up to it I thought it’d be way worse pain. So glad they did it at same time. It hurt worse few weeks later when a ball fell off & went in for the lady to put barbell back in hole. She didn’t have to repierce it but I thought hurt worse then initial piercing. I’ve had one problems with them healing & im glad I got them done finally!!

    LIsa on

  • A

    Hey, guys get theirs pierced too. I would agree, out of the piercings I have gotten so far, these were the most painful. But so worth it. They are more puffy and sensitive (something I read about and wanted). I heard they also can help with sagging as we age. I will also add it makes a big difference on the piercer. I had these done by one piercer, who is good, but the other piercings, including my tongue was done by another. And I sooo wish I had had my nipples done by the second piercer. He was very, very good with very little pain. He also noticed my belly button ring was off just a bit from the 1st piercer. I had to have my belly button re-done when the ball fell out and lost it. This time it hurt very little. I just wish my body hadn’t rejected it. (grrrh!) I hope to have it re-done when it heals. I wanna get more piercings and tat’s but I must wait due to the COVID thing. I would say to any guy thinking on it. Do it! There are women out there who appreciate it and I just enjoy the jewelry. :)

    Andy Mueske on

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