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Belly Button Ring

If you decide to head into a shop to get a body piercing, you probably already know that it's going to sting... But if you're here reading this blog, it's probably because you want to know a little bit more about what to expect. We'll say it straight up - having a sharp needle pushed into a part of your body is bound to hurt, even if you're really good with pain tolerance!

The navel piercing is a classic and timeless body mod. Belly button piercings have many variations, but are located somewhere in/around the skin surrounding the navel. You can pierce the top of your navel, the lower part of your navel, the sides of your navel, or even a combination of two, three, or all four of these options - as long as your personal anatomy allows for it.

But what does a belly button piercing truly feel like? Body Candy wanted to get some real-life pierced and modded testimonials, so we set out to ask a bunch of our customers what it was like to head to the shop and get their belly blinged out.

No matter what the piercing, every experience at the piercing shop will vary from person to person. These Body Candy Babes are here to tell you what it was like for them!

Note: some customer names have been changed for privacy

navel piercing

Ryann I. - Providence, RI

For me, personally, I would say that it didn't really hurt. I got my belly pierced about three years ago and I actually found the experience to be quite therapeutic.

As my piercer brought me back to her station, I noticed that her table and the surrounding area looked very thoroughly sterile. Everything was packed up in plastic or covered appropriately. She had me hop on the table and asked me to lay back with my shirt off. She made small talk with me while giving out bits of advice. I didn't even realize what was happening until she told me to focus on my breathing and take a few breaths in and out. I felt her clamp my belly and push the needle through. It definitely pinched, but I feel like the clamp gave me an adrenaline rush and I barely felt a thing. She corked the needle and put in my titanium jewelry for healing... It really was that simple. I'd say it was a 20 minute experience tops.

For me, I felt barely anything, but I asked lots of questions and had gotten a few piercings before (ears, nose, etc.), so I kind of knew what to expect already.

Belly Chain

Laurie L. - Burlington, VT

So if I had to compare it to anything, it would be like someone pinching the top of your belly button with sharp fingernails or something. It definitely hurt but not enough for me to tell other people not to go!

I have several piercings and I want to be honest, this one was one of my most painful. Most of my friends with belly button rings say it wasn't bad at all though. I think that just points to the fact that no matter who you are or what you do or how you prep for a piercing, every body is different. What feels like a 9 out of 10 to me could be a 4 out of ten for you. If I had to pick, I think getting my belly done was around a 7. 

One thing I want to mention is how little I thought about my belly button until I had a healing piercing inside of it. There is a lot that brushes up against your belly from day to day, and I def missed out on a few days in the water because I didn't want to get it wet.

I love my belly ring though and I think anyone who wants one should get it!

Belly Rings

Harleena D. - Chicago, IL

So... I'm gonna be real and say that I'm a big girl. I didn't get a belly ring for a long time because I was self conscious about my belly and I thought it would be weird to get my belly pierced because of that.

Eventually I worked up the courage (due to my best friend's kind words - peer pressure!) and made an appointment. I barely remember because it was over so fast but it felt like a quick pinch and that was that. Really the whole experience was over so fast and my piercer was so kind to me. She really made me feel comfortable even though I was still a little self-conscious.

The thing I do want to note is that even though the piercing was super easy, I ended up getting a piercing bump that drove me crazy. I was cleaning it a bunch and I started getting scared because it wouldn't go away. Eventually I called my piercer back up and she told me I was messing with it too much and to just clean once a day instead. It eventually went away and now I love my body much more because of my pretty little belly ring!

Belly Button Rings

Jordyn O. - Moab, UT

I have over a dozen piercings and they all hurt. It's just a part of being an alternative individual. But eventually you grow to enjoy the pain, and not even in a weird way. It just feels like a release.

My belly was nowhere near as bad as my conch or my nipple piercings. To be honest, I think the clamp hurt more than the actual needle. It's kind of shocking to be clamped on your belly button. Like, it's a little cold and a little abrupt. It's not like I'd ever been grabbed on my belly button like that before.

Really (lol) I was all startled by the clamp that by the time the needle went through I was still feeling  by the grip of the clamps!

My best advice is just to not slack on aftercare. It's sore for a bit but the only real pain I experienced was in the evening right after I got my piercing done. I also got mine done at the very end of summer so that I didnt miss out on any swimming or beachy days. Plus, loose-fitting clothing like hoodies and sweatshirts are way easier on a healing belly ring.

Beach belly ring

Maggie F. - Los Angeles, CA

Here's how my belly ring experience went down:

I went to a shop around the corner from my apartment. I saw it had good reviews online so I didn't make an appointment or anything. Luckily they were accepting walk ins that day so I was good to go.

After about 10 mins of waiting, the piercer called me up and asked me what I wanted to get done. I told him I wanted my belly button pierced and asked him if my weight would be an issue (I am a little chubby). He asked me if my belly button creased when I sat down and luckily it didn't. He brought me in the back room and sat me down.

It kind of smelled sterile like a hospital which made me feel good about the location. He asked me to roll my shirt up and lay back on the piercing table. This was probably one of the worst parts honestly, it was kind of chilly on my back. He was kind of a quiet guy, but talked about the whole experience as it was happening. "I'm going to be using a clamp on your belly button which might feel weird." "Ok I just need you to take a few deep breaths." Stuff like that.

The needle going through felt kind of weird, but it was over so fast. It kind of felt like getting a vaccine. Just a real sharp, burny pinch. But after 5 seconds maximum it didn't hurt anymore whatsoever.

Tangent: I was afraid I was going to have to take out my belly ring when I got pregnant but I found out they make pregnancy belly ring retainers so you can keep it through your growing baby bump. Now I have my son AND my belly ring!

We want to hear about your belly button piercing experience!

Do you have a navel piercing? What was it like when you went to the shop? Did your belly button ring hurt? Tell us all about your personal experience in the comment section below so other potentially-pierced peeps can feel better!

bellybutton ring

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  • M

    First off I was very impressed by how sterile everything was, also my piercer change his gloves at least 3 times! I have to say I was expecting some amount of pain when I went to get my belly pierced, but honestly I didn’t feel a thing. My husband was holding my hand & his eyes got real wide when he saw that it was more of a rod than a needle. I remember waiting for the pinch & it never came. I have recommended my piercer many times.

    Maria Le Bouef on

  • N

    I always wanted my navel pierced and I went with my friends to go get theirs done and when we went one of them was laying on the table and she was holding my hand and squeezing it really hard and her eyes started to water. A few months later I got mine done and they were very professional and everything was sterile and clean. When he inserted the needle I didn’t feel much but a very small pinch. In all honesty, the amount of pain you will experience in my opinion is based on your pain tolerance.

    Noelani Oveo on

  • C

    My belly piercing was my first ever body piercing besides my ear lobes here’s how it went down my friend went with me to witness cuz I was only 16 at the time but like all of your experiences she used clamps she asked my friend to hold them in place while she pushed the needle through only the jewelery I picked out it was a barbell the top where the ball screws on it broke so she had to repierce it again this time she used a hoop it was a little uncomfortable. But long story short I love this piercing and I’d like to thank body candy for the cute jewelery to make it look cute. So thanks everyone for reading and thank you body candy love your jewelery have a good day

    Christina Ulrich on

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