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Discover a diverse range of stylish belly rings, from elegant dangle belly rings to trendy midriff options, including handcrafted pieces and customizable designs, all available in our extensive collection.

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Whatever lip piercing you have - whether it be a pair of snakebites or the single stud medusa - you've come to the right place to find your lip piercing jewelry needs.


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Upgrade your nipple game with our unique jewelry range, showcasing classics like the captive nipple ring and easy-to-use hinged nipple clicker, adorned with various designs from hearts and flowers to elegant dangles and gems.

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Discover a new level of style with our curated selection of tongue rings from refined simplicity to striking vibrancy, ensuring a perfect tongue ring to suit your individual flair.

Handcrafted Steel Midnight Shadow Gap Natural Black Agate Ear Weights
Solid 18KT Yellow Gold (December) 1.5mm Genuine Topaz Nose Ring
14 Gauge 1/2 Handcrafted Solid 14k Yellow Gold Seamless Circular Ring


From belly rings to nose studs, we’ve got the gold goodies to make you shine. Don’t worry, it’s all top-quality and easy on the skin. Get that glam-meets-grit vibe going. Your skin wants in on this—so go ahead, get your gold on!


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